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hi, and welcome back. i am still alive - and i think it is a good step to take back the domain, next to our win at the FIFAWORLDCHAMPIONSHIP-TOURNAMENT, that our soccer-group from GER won. there are several news aside - i think you all know my style - that i just try to get it through with plain HTML.

1 news, is that a free-to-help person created a song, that is called MEESDORFRANGERS.

other news is, that i talked in Herford at the germanbaracks, that are still posessed by www.bfgnet.de - with someone that aliked to make himself Mr. Peter, but of course keeps Mr. Peter Lanney from the BFG, and he was born in Manchester,UK - and has roots at Ireland. I just do not wanted him to boast, but as a real "stepintotrouble"-man, he made it to try to make me upset against him. I just have tried to hold myself down, and to go the most convienient and "coolest"-way, because i think styles like "COMBAT18" - like he uses to prowl, is from timing just a bit to early! here the interview - have phun. (of course he was aware that he got voicerecorder, he even tried to get me with a camera-call) INTERVIEW/AUFNAHME HERFORDBESATZER. BFG-GGS PETERS (Berichter Ruediger Mueller)

further, there are some or more demos from the demoscene, that cover me - and of course the rangers in general in topics.

also in musicscene, there are much contents, that covers our topic.

lust but not least - i made some pictures - and other people to, that i can link here. more can be found @ "google >>> rm1911 site:imgur.com

a little except - of what the rangers are defined to do, from the very early steps. Die Rangers berufen sich auf die Tradition der ersten Siedler in den USA, die unter Ausnutzung des Gelaendes gegen Indianer und britische oder franzoesische Truppen kaempften. Namenspatron sind Rogers' Rangers, die unter Robert Rogers auf britischer Seite im Franzosen- und Indianerkrieg kaempften. source United States Army Rangers

"keep on thinking!" there is so much, i have not published here - like all of those music stuff, from amonamarth or glittertind - that you can't just rely on some single information. also there are much more picture-galleries, than those i showed up here! never forget the force of the HUMAN DEMOSCENE. what also is important - is all those new computersimulation releases, like WATCHDOGS, which cover the modern-ranger topics... i will send you this picture for now!

2014(c), Ruediger Mueller (umlaut), known as rm1911/meesdorfrangers, Melle-Buer, 49328 GERMANY.